Becca’s Britches

This is my niece, Becca.  She loved these “firecracker jeans” as she called them.  She was very upset at the age of 6 when her mom had to break the news to her that she no longer fit in her favorite jeans.  Until Christmas Eve, Becca was convinced that some other little girl was enjoying her favorite pair of jeans.  Nope, I had them with my fabric stash!

I was proud to present her with her college quilt and return her favorite jeans to her.  I was inspired by the Wish Upon pattern from Studio 180 Design.  I had to add a few rows to get her jeans to be placed in the center of the quilt.  Then it also took A LOT of planning to get the greens and the grays to line up and repeat.  It may not have been so difficult had I purchased more than a fat quarter of some of the fabrics.  That poor purchasing decision forced me to have to figure out which fabrics would go where so that I had enough to make the repeats.

It was well worth every effort.  Today, Becca is studying nursing.  Best of luck to you Becca.