Fabric Pull for July Block Challenge

I decided I have not yet made enough of a dent in my stash fabric during the pandemic that I would continue to focus on making scrappy quilts. I am hoping this may inspire some of you to continue to reduce your stash (to make room for new and exciting fabric) and to use your Studio 180 Design tools for more than the one or two patterns you purchased the tool for.

Here is my fabric pull and how I made those decisions. Follow with me and show me your photos.

As a I complete projects, I cut my leftovers into various size squares . . . 2 1/2″, 3″, 3 1/2″, and so on. I have baskets to store these precut squares. When a basket gets full, I attempt to do something with them. It is good for those times when I just want to piece and not have to think too hard. Since I had just used up the majority of my 3″ squares, I moved on the 3 1/2″ squares.

I also needed a light. I did not want to use my whites (because I felt as if those were getting low) so the next thing in the drawer was plenty of creams. And finally, I needed something from one color family to pull it all together and what better use of my overflowing greens.

Next week I will give you a look at my actual block, followed by what you could do with your blocks, followed by what I did do with my blocks.

Then we start all over again in the month of August with a different tool.

Follow along.