Happy Anniversary to Saturday Sewing Days

On Saturday, January 10th, we  embarked on our fourth year of Saturday Sew Dates.  We were blessed with five new quilters who heard about us either from friends or other media.  I demonstrated the Studio 180 Design tool called, Corner Beam.  Quilters could apply their new knowledge by completing the pattern entitled North Star or they could design their own project.  I am anxious to see some tops either done or in progress on Saturday, February 14th, our next scheduled Saturday Sew Date.

Come join us on Saturday, February 14th when I demonstrate some additional blocks you could make using the Corner Beam tool.  The possibilities are endless. Refer to the web page and select “Events” from the menu bar to get all the details OR call me at 847-445-1976.

Saturday Sew Dates are open to quilters of every level.

Our anniversary cake was made by Jamie D’Andrea.