Long Arm Quilting

Complete those beautiful quilt tops by having Phyllis meet your long arm quilting needs.  Your top would be quilted in a non-smoking, pet-free environment.  Phyllis can offer suggestions for the quilting based upon your budget and quilt design.

Pricing (per square yard)

Top Length x Top width/1296 * rate of quilting = Quilting Price

  • Quilting Rates
  • Batting
  • Additional Charges

Quilting Rates

Large Stipple or Meandering: $16
Edge to Edge Designs:
   Level A – $16
   Level B – $18
   Level C – $20
Custom Quilting: $22-$24
(Minimum Quilting Charge is $30)


You are welcome to provide your own batting or purchase batting from me.
I sell Warm & Natural and Warm & White at 120” wide.

Additional Charges

Pressing: $10
Piecing the backing: $5 for crib & throw sizes, $10 for twin or larger
Lining up a pieced backing with the top: $10
Metallic thread: varies depending on size of quilt
Rush Orders: 20% up charge

Quilt Preparation

  • Do not baste together the quilt top, batting and backing.
  • Press all seams so they lie flat.
  • Attach borders properly so they are not wavy.
  • Clip all loose threads, remove any stray pins, and do a final check to see if any seams need to be re-stitched.
  • Press your quilt top and backing. It is best if you can hang them over hangers so that they remain smooth.
  • Mark the top center of your quilt top and backing with a safety pin.
  • Backing should measure 4-6” larger than the top on all four sides to allow for placement on the rails and quilting.
  • For best results, square up your backing so that it gets placed correctly on the quilting machine.
  • If you have a pieced backing, seams should be pressed open for smoothness.
  • If you must use a sheet as your backing, please wash it several times and remove all hems.