Saturday Sewing Dates


Any quilter or potential quilter is welcome. Just join us!


To work on a new project or to complete your own projects


Antioch Township Office at: 1625 Deep Lake Rd, Antioch, IL 60002


2nd Saturday of every month; January-November from 9 am to 4 pm


Really, you had to ask? To complete projects, start new ones, learn new techniques, get free advice, help make a group decision, socialize… the list is endless.

How Much:

$5 per day covers your table space, beverages and paper products needed for snacks and lunch.

What to Bring:

  • Sewing machine and basic quilting tools
  • Fabrics and pattern
  • Lunch or add to the pot luck selection
  • Ironing boards and irons are provided



2015 will be the 4th year of hosting Saturday Sewing Dates. A Saturday Sewing Date allows quilters 6 hours of sewing time without the interruptions of the daily grind. Participants can work on their individual projects, learn new techniques, start new projects, or just sew and socialize.

Each year has had a theme to it. The 2015 theme is “That’s All Ya Got?  A continuation of the using Studio 180 Design Tools.” The tools are designed on the concept of piecing traditional units slightly oversized so that they can be trimmed down to a precise unit. The Rapid Fire™ tools remove the need to cut odd shapes with specific angles and use a piecing method to develop Hunter Stars and a variety of Lemoyne Stars.

The 2015 Saturday Sewing Agenda

Date Project/Technique Example Cost
Saturday, January 10 (Birthday cake for everyone)
Pattern: North Star
Tool: Corner Beam
North_Star-150x150 North Star Pattern $10.50
Corner Beam tool $19.50
Saturday, February 14 Sliver Units Sliver Tech Sheet $6.50
Expands the use of the Corner Beam
Saturday, March 14 Pattern: Galaxy
Tool: V Block
Galaxy-150x150 Galaxy Pattern $10.50
V Block tool $19.50
Saturday, April 11 Side Kicks & High Lows Tech Sheet $6.50
Saturday, May 9 Pattern: Wish Upon
Tools: Split Rect,
Wing Clipper I**,
Tucker Trimmer I**
Wish_Upon-150x150 Wish Upon Pattern $10.50
Split Rect $19.50
July 10-12 Judy Neimeyer Paper Piecing
taught by Beth Safick, Certified Instructor
Paper_Piecing-150x150 Cost to be determined
3 day workshop
Pattern will be included in the cost
Saturday, September 12 UFO Day Get caught up, if you need to…
October 9-11 Pattern: Doubly Charmed
Tools: V Block & Corner Beam
 Doubly_Charmed_1-150x150Doubly_Charmed_2-150x150 Doubly Charmed pattern $10.50
V Block $19.50
Corner Beam $19.50Note: Just as the pattern is titled; you will be making two quilts. As you cut the first one, you are actually cutting the second one at the same time.
Saturday, November 14 Design Day ???
December 4-6 Rockford Quilt Weekend TBD

**Purchase from previous month; no need to purchase 2 of the same thing.

Cost Comparison

Total Cost of tools and patterns if you did all 7 projects: $206.00* plus tax
Total Cost of 8 months of Saturday Sewing: $40.00* plus tax
Total Cost: $246.00* plus tax

If you took these projects as classes at an average cost of $40 per class: $280.00*
Plus Tools: $206.00* plus tax
Total Cost: $486.00*

*Does not include the cost of the July Judy Neimeyer Paper Piecing 3-day workshop.

The 2014 Saturday Sewing Agenda

Date Project/Technique Example Level 1-5 Cost
Saturday, January 11 Hunter Star Too Many Options! 2 Hunter Star $23.50
*Tucker Trimmer $24.50
Saturday, February 8 Migrating Geese Technique 3 Technique Sheet $6.50
Saturday, March 8 Atlantic Fly Away or Carolina Lily Atlantic_Fly_AwayCarolina_Lily 3 Wing Clipper Tool $19.50
Pattern $9.50
**Technique Sheet $6.50
Saturday, April 12 Square² & Combo Blocks 1 **Tucker Trimmer $24.50
Saturday, May 10 Solitare Solitare Pattern $9.50
**Tucker Trimmer $24.50
Saturday, June 14 Calling New Quilters: Fence Rail
Pickets & Quickets Technique
Technique Sheet $6.50
Saturday, July 12 Signs of Autumn Signs_of_Autumn Pattern $9.50
**Technique Sheet $6.50
**Wing Clipper $19.50
Saturday, August 9 Shaded 4-Patch Technique 2 Technique Sheet $6.50
Saturday, September 13 Design your Shaded 4-Patch Quilt It’s a mystery! **Technique Sheet $6.50
Saturday, October 11
(Mini-Retreat Weekend)
Lemoyne Stars Pattern: Constellations 3 Lemoyne Star Tool $29.50
*Tucker Trimmer $24.50
Saturday, November 8 Lemoyne Stars as Triangles
Crown Jewel Pattern
Lemoyne_Stars 3 Crown Jewels Pattern $9.50
December 5-7, 2014 Rockford Quilt Weekend TBD

*Optional Tool
**Purchase from previous month; no need to purchase 2 of the same thing.

Cost Comparison

Total Cost of tools and patterns if you did all 6 projects: $154.50 plus tax
Total Cost of 11 months of Saturday Sewing: $55.00
Total Cost: $209.50